Marketing is no longer about 
the stuff that you make...
...but about the stories you tell.
Want To Swipe The Storyselling Framework I Use With Clients To Get Triple The Engagement On Your Emails & Social Posts?
Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make...
...but about the stories you tell.
I got my start in online business as a Relationship Coach, but as I worked with couples in strained relationships, I discovered something I just couldn’t ignore... 

Most relationships struggle because of BAD communication.  

I became obsessed with figuring out what makes someone a GREAT communicator, and realized that a simple shift in the way we communicate with each other can dramatically repair and build—not just personal relationships, but entire businesses.   

As it turns out, the same is true for Entrepreneurs. Most entrepreneurs struggle in business because of BAD communication with their customers and audience. 

I started writing story-based pieces for businesses in order to help them bridge the communication gap between the entrepreneur and their audience, and watched as all their businesses exploded with new customers.
Work With Yara
I write story-based pieces for companies like ClickFunnels, as well as e-commerce and service-based businesses. Over the years, my talent for storytelling morphed into what I now like to call story-selling. 

Today, I teach entrepreneurs like you, how to use story-selling in order to connect (or reconnect) with your audience, build rapport, and engage them in a conversational way. 

This is the secret behind getting your followers to open your emails, read through every word top-to-bottom, and always come back for more...
My team and I will help you identify your company’s core values, messaging, tone and voice. We'll also work side by side with you to build out your unique Story Catalogue while creating story based content that is a custom fit for you and your audience. We write emails, captions, and ads.
My team and I will work with you to identify your company’s core values, messaging, tone and voice. Help you build out your Story Catalogue, and teach you how to manage and use it, so you can create story based content that is custom designed for you and your audience.
A six week course designed to teach you & your team how to identify your company’s core values, messaging, tone & voice. Learn how to create, manage and use the Story Catalogue, as well as give you the exact process we use to easily and consistently create story based copy that sells.
Mike Schmidt
“Your email just went out, we’ve gotten about 40 responses in the last hour—and they’re still coming in! That’s never happened before, which tells me we’ve really hit a chord with our audience! This is AMAZING!!!”
Molly Marie Keyser
“Our email open rates went from 8% to 28% using your strategies. No joke. THANK YOU!”
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